Solving all of your tech mysteries. (Like total geeks.)

We love coding, making processes efficient, and geeking out over tech problems.

But Leading EDJE is much more than the sum of our skills.

In four simple steps, we assess your needs and develop a solution tailored for you.

  • Ask the right questions.

    We listen and gather all the information available so we can make informed decisions about what you need.

  • Design a custom solution.

    Next we dive in and think through a solution for your specific need, mindful to look beyond the symptoms to pinpoint the root of the problem.

  • Implement all the bright ideas.

    Now the fun (geeky) part: Our skilled technologists code and develop your custom solution, executing on the planned design.

  • Get your team ready for prime time.

    Finally, we make sure everything works. If one of our solutions is unfamiliar to your team, our technologists will train them.

Most important, we're just a phone call away. If you run into any issues after we're gone, we have your back.


How do we do it? Two words: honor code.

Producing quality technical work isn't about luck. It's a deliberate result of the values that everyone at Leading EDJE shares.

  • Love your client as yourself.

    Trust is everything. We build open and honest relationships with our clients, so you always know our advice is technically sound and tailored to you.

  • IT solutions are like snowflakes
    (only they don't melt.)

    Every problem demands its own creative solution. By getting to know you and your business, we naturally deliver better technology for your unique needs.

  • Do the right thing, not the right now thing.

    Some consultants get way too excited about the hottest fads—but we're smarter than that. Our solutions are designed to make your business better, not just trendier. And we only take on a project if we can make it succeed for you.


Every minute of your time and every dollar of your budget is valuable. That's why we do a thorough, accurate assessment at the beginning of every project.

The path to the Right Bid.

Your project gets approved and the bids roll in.

Select a partner, get set, go.


There's a roadblock (it happens).


They didn't see it coming — time for a change order.

You're back on track.

(Only underwhelmed and over budget.)
Here's our number for the next time.


We planned ahead and know an alternate route.


Time to celebrate with your favorite geeks.



Some geeks have all the fun. (That's us.)

There are some things everyone should know: never mess with a ninja, Darth Vader is Luke's father, and working at Leading EDJE totally rocks.

  1. Technical Leaders
  2. I get to work on challenging projects using the latest technologies, for clients who value the expertise we bring to the table.
  3. When we get together, for whatever reason—be it business or fun—plain and simple, it feels like family.
  4. Work Hard Play Hard
    Work Hard Play Hard
  5. Solving Business Problems



See how we go well beyond the minimum requirements in our Trophy Case


  • Erica Krumlauf

    Headshot of Erica
    Chief Operating Officer.

    Head coach & people leader who strives to ensure that every EDJEr feels like part of the family. As an expert in project delivery and finances, Erica hasn't met a spreadsheet she didn't like. When she's off the clock, Erica is either cooking up something delicious, sipping a Hazy IPA, posting Instagram photos of her dog Chip or running her daughter to and from gymnastics practices.

  • Wendy Ivany

    Headshot of Wendy
    Chief Strategy Officer.

    Guru of sales and recruiting. Unlicensed team psychologist. Wendy's passion is bringing positive energy to at least one person every day (and she's more than willing to humiliate herself to make it happen).

  • Joelle Brock

    Headshot of Joelle
    Chief Executive Officer.

    As the boss, Joelle believes leadership is about lifelong learning. She enforces two simple rules: learn something every day, and laugh every hour. Outside of work, she loves to golf—her dream is to one day get on Golf Channel's The Big Break.

  • Dave Michels

    Headshot of Dave
    Chief Technology Officer.

    Head geek. When Dave's not harnessing the power of technology to solve problems, he's a true sports buff through and through. He also has active kids, which means he's always on the soccer field, the basketball court, or—most recently—the gymnastics mat.



Your technology question deserves a smarter answer.
(So let's get down to business.)

Solving tech problems—big or small, structured or messy—that's what we do. We're passionate professionals with a strong track record of success. We thrive in nearly all industries, with recent work in retail, healthcare, manufacturing and technology services.

  • Solutions Development

    Our team of technical experts aren't limited to one technology stack. We're fluent in just about any technology that you can throw at us, and we're up to date on all the trends and lingo. Our technical solution offerings include:

    • Custom Application Development
    • Cloud Solutions
    • Mobile Solutions
    • QA Automation
    • DevOps
  • Team Extension

    You need smart, capable technologists to work on your team, and Leading EDJE has the smartest, most capable geeks in town. So let's connect. We're not your typical staff augmentation firm. We bring so much more to the table: exceptionally talented individuals and great team players, who don't back down from the challenging business problems you face.

  • Project Solutions

    Transparency is a sacred word at Leading EDJE. Everything our project team knows, you know. Our team of program managers, project managers, product managers, scrum masters and business analysts work with your experts to better understand existing processes and make them more efficient. We tailor each project approach to your business and your needs, using methodologies such as Agile, Scrum, and Lean.

  • Thought Leadership & Strategy

    Impossible is not a word at Leading EDJE. Regardless of the challenges you face, our team of experts is prepared to help drive you to new ideas and solutions. Our vast market experience allows us to think outside the box and formulate ideas that others have not, and to challenge the "we can't do that". Service offerings in strategy and thought leadership include:

    • Disruptive Thinking Sessions
    • NIMBLE (New Ideas Made by Leading EDJE)
    • PMO Strategy
    • Agile Transformation/Coaching


Leading EDJE builds more than just a relationship with your company, they build a partnership for success.
Leading EDJE profoundly changed the way our company runs: increasing profitability and client satisfaction with unmatched technology and efficiency...could not have been a better investment!
Fun & inspiring staff that motivates our team to perform at the peak of their abilities.