A well-run IT department is about having the right talent, tools and processes in place. And sometimes the best thing an IT team can do is take a step back to ensure you’re all working smarter, not harder.A well-run IT department is more than the sum of its technical tasks. It's also about having the right talent, tools and processes in place. Chances are, your team has lot on their plate and barely have time to blink, let alone evaluate their own efficiencies. That’s where we come in.



Our team kicks off your audit by gathering a cross-section of stakeholder intel through executive interviews, collaborative workshops, current state analysis and systems analysis.


Informed by the resulting data, we develop a strategic plan along with the tools you'll need for success including, benchmark scorecard(s), best practices, and detailed recommendations.


Armed with your post-audit plan, we can work together (or you can take the lead on your own) to execute and implement the recommendations and next steps with your team.

A Proven Process

"Achieving our goal of a unified ecosystem of people, process and technology would not have been successful had we not partnered with Leading EDJE to audit our current capabilities across the enterprise. EDJE brought solutions that erased barriers, enabling us to execute and innovate effectively."

Matt Rider, CIO,
Franklin American Mortgage

"Leading EDJE has been a true trusted adviser to AnF on our DevOps transformation. From evaluating our current state, devising a plan that was specific to our environment and executing on that plan, their leadership and support throughout the journey has exceeded all of our expectations."

Matt Weger, CIO,
Abercrombie and Fitch

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